A Nonsurgical Way to Have Fewer Wrinkles and Tighter Facial Skin

Factors like stress, the environment, smoking, and sun damage can all take a toll on your appearance and make you look older than you really are. Taking steps to protect your skin and using at-home treatments can play a big role in minimizing some of the damage. Also, using non-surgical treatments to tighten and lift the skin can be helpful.

A lift treatment using PDO threads is beneficial for those who are dealing with sagging skin and wrinkles. This non-surgical treatment offers some of the benefits that you would get if you were to go through a facelift. However, you don’t have to worry about things like scarring and downtime.

If you are interested in having a thread lift done, the first step is to go through a consultation. The skincare professional will examine your skin and ask about your overall health. The goal is to be sure that this is the right option for you when it comes to your health and that it will provide the results you are looking for.

If it is decided that a lift treatment using PDO threads is right for you, the treatment can begin after the consultation. A topical numbing agent and a local anesthetic will be used at the treatment site. Then the threads will be inserted. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

The immediate benefits you will experience include seeing your skin look tighter and lifted. Collagen is produced around the threads in the weeks following the treatment, so the long-term benefits you will experience include better skin texture and fewer wrinkles.