A Persian Rug in New York City Can Benefit From Restoration Services

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A family heirloom can deteriorate over time. If it’s an oriental rug or a Persian Rug in New York City, it may be possible to give it a new life. With professional restoration, cleaning, and stain removal, a family keepsake can be handed down for future generations to enjoy.

Restoration Services

When an old worn-out persian rug in New York City has seen better days, it may be time to have it restored to its original beauty. Repairing any holes or tears should be done with the utmost care since the rug may require weaving or stitching to correct what’s wrong. A master weaver can make an unsightly spot disappear by using wool from the same original period, or close to it when making the required repairs. This will help the colors of the wool fibers to blend so that any patched areas will be virtually unnoticeable.

Antique Rug Cleaning

Compressed air should be used to safely remove dirt and dust from older rugs before they are washed. This will blow everything out instead of pushing it deeper into the pile. Then a gentle non-chemical shampoo should be applied so that the colors are not affected during the cleaning process. The fringe and any bindings around the edges of a rug should be completely clean at the end of the washing. Oriental and Persian rugs that have been cleaned will need to air dry in a room with a constant temperature and low humidity.

Stain Removal

Cleaning an older rug may require treating stains that have set in over the years. Only tried and true non-abrasive ingredients should be used to remove older stains since harsher products may cause the wool to change in color when applied. If any red dye has run in an older wool rug, special attention should be given to removing it as well.

Before throwing away a favorite family heirloom antique rug, check with a professional restoration service to see if the damage can be repaired. A master craftsman can take what visually appears to be beyond help and restore it to its original glory. Visit us online for more information regarding the many services available for restoring antique rugs.