A Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas NV can Help if You’re Assaulted by a Bouncer

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5928572_lMany people aren’t sure what bouncers can legally do. Contrary to the way they appear in movies and on TV, bouncers cannot use excessive violence or act as they please. Generally, a bouncer can only respond with force if someone else is acting aggressively toward them. However, they can legally do things such as:

1. Give a verbal warning
2. Ask a patron to leave
3. Check IDs
4. Refuse entry to a patron that isn’t following policy, is acting aggressively, or is too intoxicated
5. Call police
6. Protect bystanders from violence
7. Break up fights
8. Respond with appropriate force

Good bouncers are trained to solve problems through communication, not force. In many cases, the presence of a bouncer is enough to keep patrons well-behaved.

What is Against the Rules for Bouncers?

A bouncer cannot use force unless they are threatened with physical harm, and cannot strike, punch or kick patrons. They cannot physically throw or push someone out of an establishment, and cannot restrain a patron with a headlock or choke hold.

In other words, a bouncer is subject to the same personal injury and criminal laws as everyone else. If you have been roughly handled without cause, you may be able to sue the bouncer or hold them criminally liable.

How to React if Wrongfully Assaulted by a Bouncer

If you feel that you have a case against a bouncer and/or an establishment, you and your Personal Injury Lawyer In Las Vegas NV may be able to get monetary damages for the losses you’ve suffered. You should take these steps:

1. Write down your version of events, noting times, dates and the location. Describe the incident, the circumstances that led to the assault and the events occurring immediately afterward.
2. Keep copies of medical records and receipts. You’ll need these if the court needs to determine damages.
3. Keep copies of your paycheck stubs in case you need to file for wage loss.
4. Get copies of police reports.
5. Get the bouncer’s contact information, as well as that of any witnesses.

Hiring an Attorney for a Legal Dispute Involving a Bouncer

Some businesses need the presence of a bouncer to deter certain activities. However, they have much less authority than most people think. If you’re uncertain as to what a bouncer can legally do, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer In Las Vegas NV for help. Your lawyer can represent you in court, and he or she can get you the damages you deserve.