A Pet Doctor in Honolulu for All Ages

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People with pets know that just like any other member of the family, pets will occasionally need to go in for medical treatment or care. Most will be routine, but sometimes an accident or illness can require an extra trip to the vet. Having a Pet Doctor in Honolulu picked out reduces much of the stress involved when a pet gets injured or becomes ill. It saves time, as one won’t be having to look up a veterinarian in the phone book or call and ask friends where they take their furry family members. In the event of an emergency, a pet owner can take their pet directly to the vet without any additional research needed.

A Holistic Medicine For Dogs is needed for all ages and stages of a pet’s life. For example, puppies and kittens will need well checks and shots. As they grow their weight will need to be checked, they may need additional shots, and a professional can screen the animal for common animal issues the owner may not have noticed. It is also nice to have a professional to ask questions to when one has concerns about things like chewing, housebreaking, and heart worm prevention. When a dog or cat becomes ill, going to the same vet who knows their medical history and who has treated them for a long period of time is also a better choice then going to someone who has never seen the pet before. The vet will have the pet’s history available, and will know certain things, like which shots the animal has had and if they are allergic to certain medications. Once a cat and dog becomes an elder, they can still receive care from The Honolulu Pet Clinic. All ages are treated, and the health care professionals can help with joint pain animals may experience as well as other aging issues.

Common services offered by them include testing and treatment for heartworms, spaying and neutering, dental cleanings, dental surgeries, and more. For those traveling and unable to bring along pets, boarding services are available. Flea baths and other hygienic procedures are available, as well as the option to have pets micro-chipped. Behavior counseling is available for those who have a four legged friend that won’t behave. The clinic also carries a full line of pet medicines and foods, perfect for all pets from puppies and kittens to senior cats and dogs.