A Quality Roofing Service in Gig Harbor

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It is a sad fact that every year countless businesses are forced to temporarily close due to roofing damage. This is especially true to for roofing in Gig Harbor. The area’s history of strong storms and high winds means that roofs in this region are subjected to extreme conditions. Choosing a contractor to complete roofing repairs can be a challenging task. It is difficult to find the appropriate balance between speed and quality. Fortunately, for individuals in the Gig Harbor, there is a roofing company with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional customer service and craftsmanship.

One of the most common causes of roofing damage is due to downed trees. High winds and heavy rains can cause large trees to become unstable. As a result, large branches or even the tree itself may come crashing to Earth. Unfortunately, for any buildings nearby, this can result in extensive roof damage. Luckily, most insurance policies will cover this type of damage. Once the insurance company has approved the claim, it is essential to select an experienced and reliable roofing contractor.

Fortunately, for those needing roofing services in Gig Harbor, Hanley Construction has been servicing the community of Gig Harbor for over 20 years and counting. Sadly, many homeowners make the mistake of hiring unlicensed and un-bonded contractors. While this may seem like a good way of saving a few dollars, it can end up being a costly mistake. If the work performed by an unlicensed and un-bonded contractor is inadequate or cause damage to a home, then the homeowner will be responsible for any repair cost. Most insurance policies are voided when work is completed by unlicensed contractors.

Severe storms can cause havoc with a business roof. From lost shingles to major structural damage, a storm can quickly forced businesses to close for repairs. These closings can have a devastating impact on the lives of the owners and any employees. Luckily, for those needing help with roofing in Gig Harbor, there is a fully licensed and bonded contractor with years of experience. Hanley Construction have ample experience servicing small businesses and large government facilities. Through these experiences, they have learned the value of quickly performing quality craftsmanship work.