A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester, MA Can Help You

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When people hear about sexual harassment inside the workplace they just assume that it is a man harassing a woman. While that is true a large portion of the time it is not always a case. It is very possible for a woman to harass a man. It is also very possible for a man to harass a man or a woman to harass another woman. Being harassed by someone of the same gender can be just as traumatic if not more traumatic than being harassed by someone of the opposite gender. If you are being harassed in a sexual manner in the workplace you need to contact a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA as soon as possible.

Too Many People Do Not Speak Up

It is unfortunate how many people just deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. One of the biggest reasons why someone chooses not to say anything is because they are afraid. The person who has been harassing them is a monster and they are terrified about what this person might do to them if they tell someone. If someone is being harassed by the same gender they are worried about what other people might say.

The Law Will Protect You

If you are being harassed by someone at work you have to understand that your bosses and co-workers will get in just as much trouble as the person harassing you if they retaliate in any form. You have the right to feel comfortable when you are at work and the law will see that that happens. The only way the law can protect you from the harassment is if you step up and contact a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA.

You just need to find the courage to contact a law firm such as The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea, P.C. Sexual harassment lawyers have a lot of experience when dealing with harassment victims. They will handle both you and your case with care so you can feel safe at work again. You can visit website to obtain their contact information or to learn more about their practice areas.