A Short History of Drains and Why We Need Them

One of the things that mankind has always been good at is inventing and creating. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and as humans we have proved our inventiveness millions of times over the course of our history. From the early cave man to the modern scientists we are constantly looking for cures, ways around a problem, new ideas, space and time saving devices and technological breakthroughs.

Many say that the last sixty or so years has seen the largest leap forward in technological terms, but really speaking, from the moment we invented the wheel we have been looking for new sources of inspiration. Early farmers figured out that proper drainage into the soil would help to irrigate crops. The same applies to today whereby artificial drainage is used  to prevent waterlogging on farmland. Later on, but as early as 2900 B.C. we figured out that drainage systems could be covered so that runoff water from heavy rain wouldn’t flood the ground. Some of the most clever examples of underground drainage from early civilizations can be seen in the cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, but there are other, more exceptional examples in other parts of the world.

The Industrial Revolution

The advent of indoor plumbing, long after the industrial revolution, brought indoor drainage methods to send our toilet and bath water away from our homes without causing disease and floods. In the United States most public drains are owned, operated and maintained by the city in which they are installed. Some private properties do not have city drainage and therefore they must rely on other methods, such as septic systems and cesspools. Any company that offers cleaning, sanitizing or any other drain service in Long Island will probably have the equipment to completely clear any blockages or clogging from your drains, as well as clean them with the correct and legal chemicals to stop the clogs building up again to fast. Professional drain specialists have all the professional cleaning equipment as well as the expertize and the credentials to clean any drain, whether it be a public or a private system. Drain cleaning prevents all other manners or problems including flooded roads and other issues.

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