About Dental Extractions in Chicago

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When you are going to have dental extractions in Chicago, there may be a number of different reasons that you are doing so. Perhaps you have a damaged tooth that has deadened roots. Maybe you are dealing with emerging wisdom teeth that are causing you a lot of pain. Some patients need to have teeth removed because they have a condition known as “crowded mouth,” which means too many teeth that make it impossible for your primary teeth to grow normally. No matter what the reason for your teeth removal is, it is important to realize that having a qualified and experienced dentist is what will make this as easy as possible.

Many people fear the dentist, even a simple dentist check up visit. This is really quite normal, and dental phobias are something that your dentist can help you with when you to to have your dental extractions in Chicago. One way that patients can be helped with dental fears is gentle sedatives. Sedation dentistry typically uses pharmacological agents like benzodiazepines. This family of drugs is particularly good at helping patients relax, and even doze slightly during the procedure sometimes. Typically, a drug like Valium will be used, but that does vary by dentist. You may take the sedation orally in pill form, or the dentist may give you an IV with the sedative for the longer and more complicated extractions.

You will also typically receive some type of anesthetic for your tooth extraction. An anesthetic will effectively numb the area where the tooth is so that you will not feel the pain of the removal. Usually, an anesthetic is administered via a dental block shot, however in some rare cases a topical anesthetic might be the only kind used. Generally, a local anesthetic is used for extractions because it is the only type that can really effectively impact the roots of the teeth as well as the surface area, thereby preventing pain in the whole area where the dentist will be working to extract the tooth.

Your dentist will use his own set of procedures for your dental extraction, and it can be very reassuring to hear all about these procedures ahead of time. With today’s advanced dentistry techniques, patient comfort is always very high. You don’t need to worry about your extraction because it will probably be much simpler than you think.