About Weight Loss Programs in Humble

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If you live in or around Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood or Summerwood and you are trying to lose excess weight with no real luck, you might be ready to try a proven medical program for weight loss. There are some Weight Loss Programs in Humble that are specially designed to help you lose the extra pounds while still staying healthy. However, to get the full advantage of any rapid weight loss program, you definitely need to be medically monitored by doctors who know how to keep you at peak health while still dropping pounds fast.

At medical caregivers such as Northeast Urgent Care Clinics in Humble, your doctors will start by making sure you are in good health overall. Since the Care Clinic doctors are skilled in a variety of areas including general medicine and urgent care of all types, they are uniquely qualified to evaluate your health and help formulate the ideal weight loss plan for your situation. There are three basic types of weight loss programs that have proven very successful for patients at the local Care Clinic in Humble.

The prescription weight loss programs in Humble include a prescription medication known as phentermine. Before the patient begins the program, their health will be evaluated to be sure that this medication is safe for them to use. The prescriptions are six week ones, and the doctor will also give the patient a prescription for a water pill if it is necessary. The results are usually quite rapid and the follow up appointments are scheduled for every six weeks. The fat burning injections with B12 vitamins are another popular weight loss program. These shots help boost your metabolic rate and therefore speed up your fat loss. Sometimes the B12 shots are combined with the prescription medications.

Finally, the HCG diet plan is a popular solution for dieters today. This medically monitored weight loss plan helps patients to rapidly melt fat using HCG. As much as a pound a day can be lost, with 10 to 20 pounds being an expected average loss over a three week period. The HCG is delivered via either pill or shot.