Accident Attorney in Greenbelt: What To Do After An Accident

Most people feel like they are going to explode from question overload after they are in an automobile accident. Whose fault was the accident? What happens now? What are you supposed to do next? These are all very reasonable questions to ask, and you should consult with an accident attorney in Greenbelt MD in order to find all of the answers. You should start by establishing what you should do if you get into an accident.

The first thing that needs to happen after an accident is documentation. You need to take notes and pictures of everything. You want to collect evidence and documentation immediately after the accident while everything is fresh in your mind. You also want to return to the accident scene once the cars are gone, to see if something in the road might have caused the accident. If the road could have caused the accident, then it would be the city’s fault and not the other driver.

It is important for you to determine who was at fault for the accident as soon as possible. You need to look at the accident from an unbiased standpoint, and decide whether you or the other driver caused it. Typically, the source of an accident is a careless driver or someone not obeying the rules of the road. Your Accident Attorney in Greenbelt is going to be looking very closely at what both you and the other driver were doing prior to the accident, in order to determine who was at fault.

If you were rear-ended, or you were hit while you were making a left turn, then any law firm including Jaklitsch Law Group would be happy to take your case. Rear end wrecks and left turn wrecks are open and shut cases. It is very rare that either of those wrecks would come back to be your fault. A rear ended wreck means the other driver was not paying enough attention to notice you were not moving. A left turn accident means the driver would have had to run a stop sign or a red light in order to hit you.

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