Acquiring A Free Quote From An Auto Insurance Company In Pittsburgh, PA

The state of Pennsylvania is classified as a no-fault state. This indicates that all drivers are required by law to maintain adequate coverage. This coverage includes mandatory liability auto insurance and medical benefits coverage.

What is the Mandatory Coverage?

Currently, the medical benefits requirements for Pennsylvania are $5,000. The auto insurance mandate for liability insurance should equate to $15,000 for each injury with a maximum of $30,000. The policy must provide $5,000 for any property damage that results from the accident. Drivers who need coverage should contact their preferred Auto Insurance Company in Pittsburgh PA today.

Optional Tort Coverage

In Pennsylvania, auto owners have the opportunity to acquire limited or full tort coverage. With the limited tort choice, the driver may sue for the full cost of their medical costs. This selection prevents them from suing for property damage.

The full tort selection allows the auto owner to sue for both medical costs and property damage. They could also sue for pain and suffering as a result of an automobile accident. With this choice, they won’t face restrictions.

The Penalties for No Insurance

Pennsylvania laws impose strict penalties on all drivers who fail to maintain auto insurance and medical benefits. The Department of Motor Vehicles imposes penalties upon all vehicle owners when their insurance policy is canceled. The agency is notified immediately when an owner fails to renew their policy.

The minimum fine for no insurance is $300. The DMV can suspend their driver’s license as well as the vehicle registration. In order to renew them, the vehicle owner must pay $88 each. If the vehicle is impounded, the owner must pay all applicable fees before reacquiring their automobile. Until they renew the vehicle registration, they cannot operate the vehicle. Anyone caught operating the vehicle will incur the penalty for the operating a vehicle with a suspended registration.

Vehicle owners must comply with all insurance requirements. If they fail to comply, they could face extensive penalties. To avoid these penalties, the driver must acquire valid insurance and medical coverage through an Auto Insurance Company in Pittsburgh PA today. To acquire a free quote for coverage, visit us website page now.