Add Space Through Kitchen Remodeling In Fairfield County, CT

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Many people live in older homes that were built to different standards and with different ideas of what was in vogue or stylish. In many of the older homes in Connecticut the kitchens are small, square and rather plain, which was the style back in the day. With kitchen remodeling in Fairfield County, CT even those old styles of kitchens can be completely updated without major changes to the overall design of the room.

What are your Options?

The key in making a smaller room have more pizzazz through kitchen remodeling in Fairfield County, CT starts with looking at your options. You may need to change colors, add windows or perhaps even add a versatile center bar or island to increase your counter space as well as provide a great eating or sitting space.

Go Floor to Ceiling

One of the first things that you will notice about older styles of kitchen is that storage space is minimal. The cabinets and wall mounted cupboards are standard sizes with open countertops. To add more storage space and a whole new look consider going floor to ceiling on one wall of the kitchen with a variety of different cupboard spaces.

You can mix solid doors with glass doors to add color and design and also create a very open feel to the room. By having all of your storage on one wall you can then have additional countertop space or open space over the other counters for windows or art that will add a whole new look.

New Colors and Materials

Kitchen remodeling in Fairfield County, CT can also include changing out old wood cupboards and tile countertops with new materials and design options. This can literally change the look of the area while additional lighting over cooking spaces will brighten the entire room.

You may also want to consider cooktops instead of traditional stove with oven combinations to maximize your space. Microwaves and convection ovens can be built in, saving on counter space and giving a completely modern look.

It is also important to consider the number and location of electrical outlets in your kitchen remodeling in Fairfield County, CT. There are great options including bar types of outlet series that allow you to run multiple electrical appliances in one location safely and without the fear of tripping a breaker.

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