Addressing Problems with Heating & Cooling in Carlsbad, CA

844206_mAs you go through the various seasons, as long as your HVAC unit is working properly, all is well. You certainly want the heat to work when you want heat, and the air conditioning to work when you want it to be cool. There is a company that does Heating & Cooling Carlsbad, California. The company wants you to know about addressing some common heating and cooling problems.

Normally, HVAC units work very well, but as with all equipment, they are not without fail. As a rule, you will want your unit to be serviced by a qualified technician. However, there are things that you can do to address some common problems.

1. If there are blown fuses, chances are that the motor in your unit is going bad. A blown fuse means the fuse has done its job in keeping your unit from overheating.
2. Another common problem occurs with the thermostat. Many times the thermostat is the cause of the problem with your unit not working. It could be that it is simply on the wrong setting, but there may be times when the thermostat is having electrical issues.
3. The air compressor seems to be a problem that people have also. If there is not enough refrigerant in the compressor, the air compressor will seize when it runs hot.
4. Another very common problem is simply with the filters. If a filter is dirty enough, it can decrease the air flow to the unit and cause it to freeze up.

There are many heating & cooling businesses who provides service to homes and businesses in the Carlsbad and San Diego, California area. Because homes are gravitating to becoming more energy efficient, many companies are offering stand alone air purification units that will help to keep your air cleaner as it is cooling. Customers are advised to begin to and stay “green” by having regular maintenance to their units. In fact, some companies are using the environmentally-friendly refrigerant, PURON. If you are interested in a company coming out to take care of your Heating & Cooling Carlsbad, California, one website worth visiting is that of Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning,