Advances in Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas

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Many people are starting to learn about the benefits of implant dentistry. Implants are titanium posts attached to the jaw bone that act like the root of a tooth to hold artificial teeth in place. While you may be familiar with this kind of implant, used to replace single missing teeth, there is a new advancement in implant dentistry Las Vegas that uses implants to hold dentures in place.

Denture implants are also known as mini dental implants, or denture-retention implants. Much like more common dental implants, a small titanium rod is attached to the jaw bone. The implants are placed four at a time in the lower or upper jaw, and they have a tiny ball at the end of the rod that snaps into dentures that are specifically designed for use with the rods. This allows the denture to be snapped into place, securing it without the use of denture creams and powders.

These implants can help denture wearers have more confidence when eating or talking. They also can help denture wearers who have a diminished gum line due to age or gum disease. With traditional dentures, a diminished gum line means there is less surface area for dentures to seal to. This can mean significant slipping during use, especially in the lower jaw.

The procedure for installing the implants is non-invasive and many patients report little or no pain and the procedure only takes about an hour. The implant are FDA approved and there any many dentists qualified to install dental implant in Las Vegas.

The only real drawback of these implants is the cost. The procedure can range widely in prices depending on who you have install them. Contact a reputable dental practice such as Desert Breeze Dental for more information on pricing.

The first thing most people will notice about you is your smile, so it is worth the time and money to maintain it and make it the best it can be. If you already have dentures or need them in the near future, dental implants can help you get the look you want easier than you may think.