Advice From A 24 Hour Security Service To Help You Prepare

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Security

In an increasingly agitated and cautious social, political, and economic climate, and with the increased concern over safety in the workplace and elsewhere, here are a few points of advice from a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI. There are so many things that we can do to protect ourselves, and although we can very rarely be completely apprised of emergencies before they occur, protecting ourselves through preparation will help us keep a level head and respond correctly when those incidents do occur.

One of the first things that any 24 hour security service in Oahu HI would recommend is to simply stay alert and vigilant. Pay attention to the things that are happening around you. Pay attention to people and things, especially if those things seem out of the ordinary, or unexpected. This can be anything from certain attitudes and behaviors from individuals that give you pause, to items or objects that seem out of place, or about which nothing is known. These are very preliminary methods that can indicate whether or not someone need be concerned. Behaviors that are potentially alarming when combined together are things as simple as goose bumps, yawning, fidgeting, nervousness, repeated checking of the time, sweating, cold stares and wide eyes. Although not nearly conclusive in any circumstance, they have been identified as warning signs of potential danger.

Part of vigilance is also regarding the place or location itself where you are currently occupying. Zoning out is often paired with long work days and tough schedules, but it also decreases your response time for when emergencies occur. Keep an eye on exits, and don’t necessarily shrug off things that are unfamiliar. There are risks, however unlikely they may be, that items left behind are left on purpose and with malicious intent, being either of a chemical, or explosive nature. Employers can do a lot to help reduce the risk and increase the sense of security of employees by placing very visible signs that areas are under surveillance with a 24 hour security service in Oahu HI, or that security personnel are on hand to intervene in the event of an emergency. In an office building or home, simple precautions such as knowing where emergency exits are located can be vital. This isn’t limited to just fires or earthquakes anymore, but incidences of violence in the workplace can result in situations where this simple application of knowledge, and preparation that is done beforehand can result in faster and even life-saving reactions and increased safety when and if they are ever confronted with those emergency situations.

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