Aesthetic Stain and Impact-Resistant Wall Covering in New York, NY

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Flexible PVC-free wallcovering offers two pattern types in 13 and 19 colorways that provide the warmth and character of classic woodgrain and the dimensional effect of a raw-linen textile. Both materials provide stain and abrasion resistance in high-traffic areas without compromising aesthetics.

Key Advantages of a High-Performing Wall Covering

Fabric wallpaper made from heavy-duty olefin composite material offers high-performance attributes:

  • Impact Resistance – equaling that of rigid sheet goods in terms of surface abrasion and indentation and hard-body impact
  • Stain Resistance – against crayon, ballpoint pen, coffee, lipstick, vegetable oil, red wine and ketchup through the incorporation of the Surcoat topcoat
  • Flexibility – making the fabric wallpaper easy to store, ship and install
  • Cleanability – providing easy cleaning with no damaging effects from products containing diluted bleach, ammonia, quaternary compounds, peroxide or COVID-19 disinfecting agents
  • Wrapability – with ability to go around 90-degree corners
  • Multi-Substrate Applicability – enabling installation over cinder block, ceramic tile, wood, laminate and other irregular substrates when combined with the Stronghold Wall Liner
  • Easy Installation – without the need for moldings or vertical trim
  • Railroading and Perforating – enabling wide stretches of seamless railroaded designs as well as perforation for installations in humid conditions

Woodgrain and Linen Patterns

PVC-free fabric-based wallpaper comes in two styles:

  • Inyo – emulating the effect of woodgrain in 13 colorways, including Sycamore, Poplar, Smoky, Silverbirch, Spruce and Chestnut
  • Luxor – offering the impression of a linen textile in 19 colorways, including Oat, Sandstone, Buff, Cappuccino, Maize and Aubergine

To learn more about abrasion and stain-resistant, PVC-free fabric wallpaper that doesn’t lose sight of aesthetics, contact a representative for Wolf-Gordon at 800-347-0550 or visit the site online at today.