After an Arrest, Remain Silent and Exercise Your Right to an Attorney

Even if you have never been arrested before in your life, you can be accused of a crime and arrested and charged. If that happens in or around Winnebago County, you’re going to be in need of an effective criminal defense attorney in Rockford, IL.

How Do I Help Myself if I’m Arrested?

By far, the two best things that you can do if you’re arrested are to refuse to answer any questions and persist in your right to an attorney. Don’t believe what police officers might say to you. It’s perfectly legal for them to lie to you in order to obtain a confession. Don’t believe any promises that they might make on “going easy on you” either. They’ll get the information that they need and refer your arrest over for prosecution. Only the prosecutor can make binding promises in your case.


Even if you feel that the odds are stacked against you in your arrest, there are likely several defenses that a Rockford criminal defense attorney from the Crosby Law Firm can raise on your behalf.

The prosecution has the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The fact that you exercised your right to remain silent along with your right to an attorney can’t be used against you in court. Don’t give the police and prosecution the evidence that they need to convict you with in what might be an otherwise weak case. Invoke and protect your rights by remaining silent and retaining an effective criminal defense attorney in Rockford, IL, at the Crosby Law Firm right away after your arrest.