Air Conditioning Basic History

Sweating is nature’s way of cooling a heated body and; if we wear a shirt, evaporating sweat can cool us further. However, maybe we grow softer as we grow more civilized? For, today, inhabitants of the “modern” part of our world; will claim that they cannot live without aircon during the hot seasons.

Refrigeration’s Historical Part In Air Conditioning

If you think about it, is keeping the temperature in a large room lower than (say) 65° F really any different to maintaining a close to freezing temperature inside a smaller refrigerator space; isn’t it only a question of degree. Hence there is an obvious connection between aircons and refrigerators. The most common types of either are based on evaporation properties and, historically, there are some famous names involved with their development. In 1758; while in Cambridge, England; our own Benjamin Franklin (working with one John Hadley) discovered that if water was placed in a container, and a volatile liquid poured over the container; then, by increasing the evaporation rate of the outer liquid; it was possible to freeze the water inside the container.

In 1820; Michael Faraday, another famous inventor, discovered that, if you compressed and liquefied ammonia and, then, allowed it to evaporate; a cooling effect would be produced. By 1842; a physician in Florida, by name of John Gorrie, managed to utilize compressor technology to make ice; over which air could be blown to cool it down before being blown over his patients. Effectively, he had created air conditioning; but, he was not successful in capitalizing on his invention which was largely ignored for the next 50 years.

A drawback of these early systems was that they needed mechanical power to drive their compressors (steam engines, water wheels, etc) and it was not until 1902 that Willis Carrier came up with the first electrical air conditioning unit in Buffalo, New York; this was the true birth of most of our domestic aircons to this day.

These compression and evaporation principles are now running that old, clanking wall mounted air conditioner in a cheap motel room in (say) Knoxville TN. However, even this is a relatively complex piece of machinery that should receive regular maintenance and, even then, can still breakdown and require air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN. Split units are a little more complicated; but, when we come to centralized units for cooling the whole house (let alone a shopping mall or office tower); the equipment gets quite specialized (there are even some places where a whole township is being cooled by centralized district cooling). The more complex the equipment; the wider the knowledge of a contractor; for air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN; needs to be.

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