Air Tickets In India Have Become Cheaper Due To The Monsoons

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Even though weather conditions in India during Summer are both hot and humid, most people consider the season to be the best time for travelling and visiting other places. Summers make for great vacations and are conducive to FMCG sales, hospitality and tourism. People take long breaks from their regular jobs or schooling lives and bask in the warm atmosphere. This has resulted in high sales of air tickets in India and across the globe.

However, as summer ends, monsoon ushers in and brings with itself, the start of a new phase. The weather is moist, dark and precipitation is sudden and unwelcome. This discourages people from stepping out of their houses and taking long vacations to faraway places, preferring instead, locations that are closer in proximity and those that can be reached via roads.

When we evaluate this scenario from the eyes of an airline company, the situation seems far from favourable. The monsoon phase is directly proportional to lesser long distance travels, harsh weather conditions, low visibility and thus reduced ticket sales. Something must be done and quickly, to keep sales constant, and with the constantly building pressure, they are forced to reduce the prices of air tickets in India.

As a consumer, there is no better time to get out of town, other than in the monsoons. Rainy weather creates a wonderful chance to book air tickets for the entire family and spend a long weekend in the midst of nature or otherwise.

Another reason for reduced prices of air tickets in India is the increasing competition to stay afloat. It goes without saying that rainy season is indeed, the slowest time of the year for the aviation industry. Air ticket prices are at an all-time low and adding to it is, the fierce competition in the economy.

Major airlines have already begun offering heavy discounts on air tickets in India. Very soon, we could also witness the introduction of a whole new market, where special monsoon tickets are sold at unbelievable rates, to celebrate the welcoming of the cool weather. Airlines could also offer various deals such as two tickets for the price of one, half-rate tickets and so on.

Trade and financial analysts suggest that ongoing ticket sales and low prices are a sign of the heavy competition in the sector and desperate financial situation at hand. The cost effective fares are slowly but surely, helping airline companies to fill up the seats on their flights. And customers aren’t complaining either.