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The type of house siding homeowners in St. Paul MN select is very important to keep the home warm in the winter and save energy costs. Siding design and engineering has progressed considerably in the past several years. There are even new siding designs and materials which resist infestations of termites. Siding design can simulate wood and the look of natural cedar. You might also want to look at the New Windows for America which will match your new siding.


The look of real wood siding can be acquired with an environmentally responsible wood product. Engineered wood siding is made of sawdust and a bonding agent which effectively binds the sawdust into siding material. Since this siding uses sawdust, it is much more environmentally friendly than standard wood siding is. Engineered wood siding is coated with a chemical compound which helps the siding withstand mildew, mold, insect infestation and decay. The chemical resins which coat the wood siding surfaces form an impenetrable layer of protection. This forms a strong protection against termites. Siding services in St. Paul MN is a good source of advice when considering this siding.


This siding is strong and durable and can resist hurricane force winds. Fiber Cement Siding is a composite material made of cement, sand and sawdust. This siding holds up well in all temperatures. and it is not damaged by hail or flying branches. This composite siding also achieves high cosmetic marks which will give your home a special appearance. This siding is coated with several coats of a special paint which will provide a lasting and maintenance free appearance. The fiber cement siding is great cold weather protection. The unique properties of this siding can be discussed by Siding St. Paul MN.


Vinyl siding can be made with a woodgrain appearance. Vinyl siding is maintenance free and it never needs painting. This siding can be made to look like natural cedar siding. It is one of the most energy efficient siding materials available.


The wood siding is manufactured from SFI certified wood. Wood siding will not cup, decay, warp and it will not attract termites because the integration of the chemical compound zinc borate discourages termites. The rabbited bevel siding eliminates the need for nails because the innovative profile enables the siding to slide into place and remain secure. The siding is pre-primed at the factory and requires painting.

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