All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Healthcare

Hair extensions come in many different colours and styles. They are very easy to manage, and they compliment any style. When choosing your hair extensions, you should try and make sure that they are made from human hair. Human hair extensions are great; because you can style them and dye them anyway you want without worry of them becoming damaged. Synthetic hair looks very unnatural, not to mention that there are also a lot of limitations when it comes to styling.

Hot and Cold Fusion

These hair extensions are normally applied in two different ways. These ways are hot, and cold fusion. Hot fusion is where a single strand of hair is pressed one inch away from the root of the hair. Keratin protein bonding glue is used to seal the hair, and heating pliers are used to bind it together. Cold fusion however uses ultrasonic waves to bond the hair, as opposed to heat. This way is often seen as the better option, because the hair doesn’t experience any intense heat. You will also find that hot and cold fusion techniques are very long lasting, because the extensions grow along with the natural hair, blending in as the hair grows longer.

Clip In and Tape Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions and tape hair extensions in Arizona are considered the easiest solution for those who want longer hair. They come in sets, ranging from 6-8 pieces so you can always find something to suit your every need. Clip in hair extensions are not permanent, and they can be removed at any time. This makes them a very affordable option when compared to other types of extensions, so they are great for those on a budget. Clip in hair extensions come in many different colours, and they can be styled if the extensions are made from natural hair. Clip in extensions don’t last very long, so they are only intended for short term use. This is great if you only want them for a specific event or an occasion, because they can be removed at any time in the comfort of your own home. More permanent extensions need to be applied by a salon professional. This is especially the case when it comes to the hot and cold fusion technique, because you could really damage your hair if the glue is not applied correctly. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to reap the benefits when you choose a reputable provider.

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