Alternative Uses for Your Portable Trade Show Display

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Many companies attend trade shows as a way to market their business to a highly targeted audience. However, there are plenty of times when you won’t be spending time at the trade show. During the times you aren’t at the trade show, a portable trade show display you purchased for this purpose will sit in storage collecting dust. However, there are other ways you can use your display during other times of the year.

Recruiting Events

There are times when you will need to recruit people to work at your business. Whether you are holding a job fair or you are attending one in your city, you can use your trade show display as a part of your booth there. As long as your display showcases what your business has to offer and what you do, it will be effective at showing potential employees what your business is about and why they should consider working for your company.

Charity Events

Some companies volunteer at charity events to do their part to help out charities, as well as a way to show their potential clients they care about good causes. However, you can also use your time at the charity event to share a little about your business. Ask to place your innovative portable trade show display in a prominent place at the charity event as a way to show your business is supporting the charity. Others who attend the event will see it and learn more about your company and what it offers.

The Showroom

If your business has a showroom for making sales in your physical location, you can use your trade show display as décor in the showroom whenever you aren’t taking it to a trade show. This will allow your display to reach out to your customers in a similar way to how it works at the trade show, making your investment well worth it.

If you are hesitant to spend money on a portable trade show display because you don’t attend many trade shows, you will be able to use this display in a variety of other ways to make the cost well worth it. From recruiting and charity events you attend to your own showroom, you will be able to set up your display so people can see it. Anywhere you need to share information about your business can be a great place to temporarily use your trade show display.

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