An overview of a career in nursing

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Nursing is a career associated with alleviation of suffering through protection and optimization of health as well as the prevention of illness and injury. In the US there are more than 2.5 million individuals who prescribe to this mandate, nurses by far make up the largest group within the healthcare industry. A career in nursing offers an individual a wide spectrum of potential roles and a wide scope of responsibilities. There are a wide variety of different nursing specializations and there are a number of ways to obtain a career in nursing including ADN programs in Cincinnati.

Nurses and doctors work hand in hand; both are an important component of the health care team. The doctor of course makes all the key decisions regarding the diagnosis, medication and treatment of the patient; the nurse’s role is to ensure the administration of the demanded care on an ongoing basis to make sure there is a successful recuperation from the illness or surgical procedure. Nurses are usually far more adept at dealing with patients as they spend far more time with them than does the doctor. The nurse can easily put the patient at ease which is beneficial in their recovery and over-all well being.

Nursing careers; education, training and certification:
There are three educational paths that lead toward becoming a nurse. The first is a diploma resulting from taking one of the two year ADN programs in Cincinnati which results in an associate’s degree in nursing or a BSN, Bachelors degree in nursing which takes four years. Diploma tracks have become less interesting in recent years; most nursing candidates opt for either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree as they are quite versatile and readily available. Regardless, before an individual can get a license to practice as a nurse, the National Council for Licensure exam must be passed.

Once licensed to practice the nursing profession nurses can work just about anywhere where you find a doctor. Of course this includes the most obvious which is a hospital but nurses are in demand in clinics, hospices, companies and the government. Often nurses work in environments devoid of doctors such as nursing homes, home health care and in public and private schools.