Annual HVAC Maintenance in Aurora, IL Is One of the Tips for Saving Money on Heat Bills

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Heating Contractor

Heat loss from a house during the winter drives up utility bills. Not every homeowner can afford to have new windows installed to replace old, drafty ones or to add more insulation. However, several strategies help reduce heat loss and keep costs lower. Annual HVAC maintenance in Aurora, IL is one of these important strategies. After a licensed technician cleans the furnace and makes adjustments to the system, it works more efficiently.

More regular HVAC maintenance in Aurora, IL, done by the homeowner, is also essential. This requires changing the air filter as recommended or when the filter starts to get noticeably dirty. A home that isn’t cleaned very often or that has furry companion animals will need more frequent filter changes, as the device captures dust, pollen, hair, and other substances drawn to the furnace through the return air vents.

If windows are drafty, adhering plastic to them before the cold weather hits makes a substantial difference. Affordable plastic sheeting is available at many stores; some are intended to be attached to the outside and some to the inside. Indoors, the plastic can be trimmed to fit more precisely around the frame and then shrunk with a hair dryer. Once the window treatments are back in place, the plastic is barely noticeable unless someone stands next to the window.

Having a company such as Modern Air Solutions Inc. install a programmable thermostat helps when the home’s residents follow a relatively routine schedule. The thermostat can be set to automatically reduce the temperature when the last person leaves for the day and then raise the temperature back to a comfortable level before the first resident returns. There’s no risk of someone forgetting to manually make the change every day, and nobody has to endure feeling cold upon arriving home. Allowing the furnace to run less often for many hours during the day translates to significant savings on heating costs. The temperature should also be lowered when everyone is gone for the weekend. Visit the website to find out more about this particular organization. For more details, please visit Modern Air Solutions Inc today.

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