Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan and Your Antique Moroccan Rug

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Did you just purchase an antique Moroccan Rug? Perhaps, it was the beautiful design and colors that captured your eye. However, like many antique rugs, you may also see problems that need to be address. For example, there may be a hole in the rug. If this is the case, the rug will need reweaving. This can be done by a master weaver. You will find the best master weavers at The Golden Horn. When it comes to antique rug restoration in Manhattan, these professionals are second to none.

After the work has been completed, no one will know that there was ever an issue. For this reason, you will love showing off your antique rug in any area of your home. Maybe you will display it in your formal living room. It certainly will be a conversation starter when your guests look at how beautiful it is.

The work that is done is complex. It is not done by machine. Because of this, you will not be disappointed. A master weaver will ensure that everything is done right. If you have any questions, speak to the consultant when you bring your antique rug in. He will be happy to explain the entire process to you and approximately how long the work will take. The dyes that are used are all natural. The dying is done by using the right minerals for the wool.

With all of this in mind, there is no reason not to have your antique rug fixed. When it comes to antique rug restoration in Manhattan, you know where to find the best professionals, and you will love the results. Talk to the consultant today and show him where you saw your issues in your rug. It may be a huge hole or several small ones. It does not matter how large the holes are or where they are located. A master weaver can do the work and achieve superior results. You will love knowing that everything is done by hand and that no machines are used in the process. Everything is done right, and you will be thrilled to bring your finished rug home and display it.