Appealing a Denied Claim for Worker’s Compensation in Rochester NY

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Has your worker’s compensation claim been denied? If so, you’re going to want the help of a lawyer who works with Worker’s Compensation in Rochester NY. These lawyers are adept at figuring out why your worker’s compensation claim may have been denied, and they can help you appeal the decision and get the worker’s compensation that you are entitled to. Some of the common reasons that a claim may be denied are:

Failure to Fill Out Paperwork Correctly

Worker’s compensation claims are often complicated. When you’re injured, it may be even harder to follow all of the necessary procedures and ensure the paperwork is filled out correctly. Instead of worrying about the paperwork, you’re focusing on recovering from your injury, as you should be. If this has caused you to make a mistake on your paperwork and your claim was denied, a lawyer can help you fill out an appeal so that you can focus on recovering while he makes sure everything is right.

Failure to Provide Adequate Evidence

In the rush to get your paperwork filed, you may have forgotten some of the key evidence necessary to prove your injury and the compensation that you need. A lawyer can go through the evidence you already have, find out what you still need, and help you acquire the necessary evidence for your appeal to be successful.

Insurance Company Denies the Claim

There are many reasons why an insurance company will deny a claim, with one of the largest being that they don’t believe the accident occurred as it was stated. This means that it may not be a valid claim, and your lawyer will have to help you gather any necessary evidence to prove to the insurance company, or the courts, that your claim is valid.

If your worker’s compensation claim was denied for one of these reasons, or any other reason, you need to speak with a lawyer today. Worker’s Compensation in Rochester NY has a time limit on when appeals can be filed, and you want to give your lawyer the longest amount of time to fully appeal your case. If you would like more information on how a lawyer can help with your worker’s compensation appeal, you can visit website.