Are You in Need of Dental Crowns in Evanston?

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Your dentist works to do all he or she can, to make sure your teeth stay healthy and strong. Unfortunately, issues can arise that cause damage to your teeth. Damage can occur because of injury, cavities and even infection. When your tooth experiences damage, it can become unstable. An unstable tooth can easily be damaged and cannot perform at its normal level of functioning. When this happens, a dentist will often recommend their patients have the tooth extracted. In some cases, extraction can be avoided through Dental Crowns. Visit Stephens Dentistry website to learn how we can help improve your appearance and dental health with Dental Crowns in Evanston.

How Does a Dental Crown Protect Your Teeth?

Dental crowns, often called caps, are made of resin, porcelain, stainless steel and metal alloys. Stainless steel caps are typically reserved for use in children. Most people choose resin or porcelain caps because they look the most like natural teeth. For those looking for stronger protection, metal alloy crowns are the best choice. Your dentist can greatly assist you in knowing which type of implant will best benefit your teeth and provide the level of protection you need.

A crown is able to protect your tooth because it completely covers all visible areas of your tooth. First, the dentist removes any diseased areas of your tooth and shapes it, so it fits securely in the new crown. Once your tooth is fully prepared, the dentist will cement the crown in place, providing a strong seal that is made stronger through the use of a special curing light. This light quickly hardens the cement, so your crown is fully bonded in place in a matter of seconds.

Dental Crowns Evanston typically last for seven years or longer, depending on how well you care for them. You will need to have routine maintenance performed by your dentist and you will need to avoid some activities that could cause damage to your crown. Your dentist will give you complete instructions for proper care.

If your tooth is damaged, a crown may be able to provide better stability and appearance. For more information, contact Stephens Dentistry, so they can schedule your appointment and get started on improving your smile.