Are You in Pain? Rf Ablasion Moore Could Help!

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Rf Ablasion Moore represents minimally invasive surgery (without open surgery, puncture access through a puncture), without the destruction of nerve endings. The operation results in the rapid decrease in pain. This method has already been recognized for many years as an effective means of pain management. It has a broad range of indications, virtually devoid of complications, and it is an alternative to surgery in patients that have a high surgical risk. Browse website for more information.

While the patient is on their side or stomach, the doctor punctures the soft tissue under visual control of the X-ray. This needle is introduced into the side of the intervertebral joints in the middle passage and the primary branches of the intervertebral nerve. After injection, the needles are fed electrical impulses. The heating temperature in the processing of tissues of needles is 80 C., which leads to coagulation of the nerve. Operative time from the moment of application of anesthetic management is 20 minutes.

Indications for surgery:

* Osteoarthritis of the intervertebral joints (Spondylarthrosis);

* Intercostal neuralgia;

* Coccyalgia;

* Pain in the spine and coccyx for at least six months (aggravated after active extension, and prolonged sitting or standing); and/or

* Unstable effect or lack of conservative treatment


* Presence of local or generalized infection;

* Spinal cord injury;

* Increasing neurological symptoms;

* Presence of social and psychological factors that determine the perception of pain;

* Dependence on narcotic and sedative drugs, alcohol.

Furthermore, abstaining from receiving medical services is recommended during the general deterioration of the patient. In any case, the presence of contraindications or indications for a particular patient, as well as the ability to perform operations under specific conditions, should be determined by the patient’s physician.

Postoperative period

Positive therapeutic effects are expected after Rf Ablasion Moore therapy. Decreasing or completing erasing pain can occur immediately after surgery, but the effectiveness of the procedure is possible only after the sixth week of the postoperative period. In some cases, the possible delayed effect develops within 4 – 6 weeks after surgery. This is due to the synaptic reorganization of the posterior horns of the spinal cord (gate pain). For more information on RF ablation therapy, contact the office of Darryl D Robinson today.