Are You Looking for Some Unique Custom Jewelry in Cincinnati, OH?

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What would you say if you could have a unique ring designed for your loved one? How about being able to present a unique engagement ring to someone you love? Rather than buy jewelry from the same stores and get the same designs as everyone else, it’s possible to have some custom jewelry designed instead. Just imagine the look on your partner’s face!

Get Inspired

How many times have you seen a ring in a magazine or online and really wondered where you could find it? Is there a favorite celebrity ring that you’ve seen and you really wish you could have something such as that for your partner? The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to have custom jewelry designed based on any of these inspirations.

How Does it Work?

Here’s how the whole process works:

  • Inspiration: Before making the custom jewelry in Cincinnati, OH, it’s important to have some sources of inspiration. This could be a mood board, a photo from a magazine, an online photo from a social media site and so on. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it will inspire the design of a unique piece of jewelry. In fact, it’s possible to have more than one source.
  • Design: During the inspiration phase, a graphic will be put together. This can be edited and changed until the customer is happy. After this initial design step, a proper CAD design is made before commencing work.
  • Model: Once the CAD design is done, a three dimensional wax model is printed out and this is where it can be tried on the finger for a good fit. If anything needs to be changed, this is where it can be done one final time.
  • Casting: After everyone is happy and the design has been signed off, the ring can be cast and then the stones set.

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