Arrested on a DUI? Request a Lawyer in Rockwall, TX Immediately

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Drunk driving is one of those rare crimes that someone can be charged with, when they had no intention of breaking a law. Bank robbers and rapists wake up and decide to break the law. However a person who is arrested on a DWI charge woke up and decided to meet friends at the neighborhood bar to watch a championship game. They probably should have skipped the last pitcher of beer or called a cab. However, they decided to drive home and were pulled over by the police.

The biggest difference between a drunk driver and bank robber is that the driver is not allowed to speak with an attorney until the police finish their initial assessment. However, the driver should still politely request that he be able to speak with a lawyer in Rockwall, TX. They do not have the benefit of legal advice as to whether they should take a filed sobriety test. Most lawyers recommend that they not take a walk and turn test. The police will be filming this and it can be convincing evidence at trial.

Unfortunately some defendants do not realize how serious a DUI offense is. If they were pulled over and there was no personal injury or property damage, they may think it’s not a big deal. It is a very big deal. Depending upon the conditions they can lose their license, pay large fines and even go to jail. They should hire a lawyer in Rockwall, TX immediately to protect their rights. If they refused to take a field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test they can lose their license. They have to request a hearing within 15 days to have a right to a hearing.

There are many things that can be done to fight a DUI charge. If the driver agreed to a blood alcohol or urine test and failed, the lawyer will know how to question these tests. They are both unreliable and have many short-comings associated with them. He will know how to review the police procedures and make sure that the police had probable cause to stop the vehicle and perform the tests. Then he will question the condition of the equipment and technique used to perform the test. For more detail, visit Law Office of Tim Hartley.