Ashamed of Dingy Teeth? Teeth Whitening in Clayton Can Brighten Them

Sparkling white teeth are a must in our society today. Whether someone is looking for a new job or the perfect spouse, they will be judged by their smile. While yellow or stained teeth don’t mean that the person is dirty, people often assume that dingy teeth mean that the person practices poor hygiene. Therefore, it’s no surprise that may people request Teeth Whitening in Clayton procedures. The dentist at Forest Park Dental can determine if they are a good candidate for a tray whitening system. Yellow teeth will respond well to the bleaching chemicals. Brown teeth will see some improvement, but gray teeth may not respond at all.

Teeth Whitening at Forest Park Dental begins with the dentist making an impression of the patient’s mouth. This will be used to make a custom tray. The tray will be used to hold the bleaching chemicals. Because the tray has been made to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly, it will be much more comfortable to use than the ones that come in kits from the drug store. The dentist will determine whether the patient should use the trays one or two times a day and for how long. This process can continue for up to two weeks. Patients can expect to see their teeth whiten from four to eight shades.

Patients should always brush and floss their teeth before using the trays. This ensures that the bleaching chemicals have the best access to the tooth enamel. Custom whitening trays are much more effective than the ones patients buy at the drugstore because they form a better seal. This keeps more of the bleaching agent against the tooth. While the patient has the tray in their mouth, their teeth will absorb the oxygen from the bleaching material. It’s the oxygen that breaks down the stains that accumulate over the years. Custom made trays hold the chemicals more effectively. That means that as the person swallows they are sucking fewer bleaching agents away from their teeth.

In just a few days the patient will notice that their smile is brighter. It’s always a great idea to take pictures throughout the process, so they can track their Teeth Whitening in Clayton progress.