At-Home And Dentist Teeth Whitening: There Is A Difference

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There are a range of different teeth whitening products offered over-the-counter at virtually every pharmacy, grocery and department store. These products are just a fraction of what teeth whitening at Fall River dental practices cost. If you just look at price they may seem like a good deal, but the actual effects of the process reflect the price in more ways than one.

Comparison with Home Kits
It is important to realize that all safe teeth bleaching products, also known as teeth whitening products, use the same basic ingredients. These will be either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, but they will be present in the formulation in a larger or smaller amount. The typical over the counter teeth whitening program will have less than 5% active ingredients, which is why you are required to use the treatment over several days or weeks. The formula that is found at a dental office offering teeth whitening in Fall River will usually contain between 10 and 35% active ingredients so the result is more dramatic with just one appointment.

Chairside Teeth Whitening in Fall River
Chairside teeth whitening in Fall River dental practices is the most commonly requested cosmetic procedure. It is painless, although some people may experience tooth sensitivity for a few days after the procedure. Special products can be applied to the gums and the teeth to minimize this unpleasant but temporary sensation.

To get started with the procedure for teeth whitening in Fall River the patient will have the bleaching agent applied to the teeth. The, a special light is used to activate the bleaching process. This light is low intensity and is very safe for use with all patients that are approved for the procedure.

The entire process takes about an hour, and can be repeated if staining is severe. Most people see an improvement of several shades of whitening, usually 6-10, with just one treatment.

Any natural enamel in your mouth will be dramatically lightened and brightened using dentist chairside teeth whitening in Fall River. However, this process will not lighten or brighten the color of veneers or restorative types of procedures such as dental implants.

Talking to your dentist about teeth whitening in Fall River will help you understand the benefits of this procedure. You can also check if you have any concerns about dental work that has been completed in the past.

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