At Home, Senior Care Gives The Elderly Choices

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At a certain point, many seniors are unable to care for themselves and a home. Family members may urge them to move into a facility. However, the majority of seniors want to remain in the security of the home they have always lived in. It is understandable because they have friends, and the surroundings are familiar. Staying in their homes is easier with At Home Senior Care. The services are comparable to assisted living, but the services come to you.

Home companions for the aged are supervised by medical personnel and undergo a rigorous background check. They provide an endless variety of services including:

     *     cooking

     *     laundry

     *     medication supervision

     *     housekeeping

     *     medication pick-up

The In-home care is costly, but it is not as expensive as actually living in a facility. Indeed, much long-term care providers pay for this type of service, including United and Aetna. Home Senior Care wants family members to feel secure about their loved ones. Many Home, Senior Care organizations, have agreements with security companies. They provide many services for seniors including 24-hour monitoring, video cameras with night vision and medication reminders. There is even a feature that lets the homeowner know if the house is too cold or too hot. One does not have to worry about mom or dad, as they can check on the loved one via the security system.

One of the main things seniors need is an advocate. Home care businesses partner with advocacy groups to help the aged. Many seniors live alone and do not have families. They need help understanding changes in health insurance and various laws. Additionally, members of this group serve as patient advocates for individuals. Older people need someone with them at the doctor’s office. Memory fails individuals as they age, and help is needed to ask the right questions. Further, advocates offer assistance getting people settled at home after medical procedures. There is a lot of assistance in the community for seniors, but they may not know it. An advocate works to make connections with needed services and support groups. Everyone should have a say in where they want to live. Home health services gives, the elderly more options. You can follow them on Google+.