Attempting Mediation With Your Child Custody Attorneys In Bremerton, WA

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Child Custody Attorneys in Bremerton WA offer guidance after your divorce proceedings. They discuss all of your potential options for custody which may prove beneficial to you, your former spouse, and more importantly your children. Through these proceedings you and your former spouse have the option to attend a mediation hearing in which you both discuss your wishes in terms of custody. If you cannot come to an agreement through mediation, a child custody trial is scheduled by the court. To discuss these options with an attorney contact Lindsay Olsen, Attorneys at Law.

Mediation and Child Custody

In circumstances in which both parents present the right fit for the children, it is possible for these parents to come into an agreement about who receives custody. However, when both parents want primary custody, it may become an epic battle over who deserves custody more and may require a judge to finalize this case.

Mediation is the last attempt to settle this matter before a trial is needed. Within this process, you and your former spouse meet with your respective legal counsel and discuss these matters further. In cases were mediation is successful, you and your former spouse can also discuss child support and come into an agreement.

Local Family Law Attorneys

Through Lindsay Olsen, Attorneys at Law you receive guidance through a potentially difficult case. If you and your spouse both present a loving home for your children, it is possible for you to acquire joint custody of your children. Through these arrangements, it is possible for your children to spend an allotted amount of time with each of you. The attorneys within this law firm will discuss this option and more with you to establish which option is most suited to your wishes.


Child Custody Attorneys Bremerton WA provide you with detailed information about child custody and your options. If you and your former spouse are unable to decide who receives custody of your children it is necessary to hire legal counsel. You have the opportunity to attend a mediation hearing to discuss a probable agreement. When this hearing does not end in a resolution, it is necessary for you both to attend a child custody trial in which the judge makes this decision.

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