Auto Accident Lawyer Tulsa

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In many car accident cases, it is obvious who is at fault. However, a person who was not driving the car, or even in it, can be held responsible in some accidents. This may sound crazy, but you might be surprised to learn it happens pretty frequently. You should consult with your Professional Auto Accident Lawyer Tulsa to determine if you could be held at fault for accidents in which you are not driving or present.

If you are an employer and own a company car or cars that your employees drive, you are responsible for their driving. Even in cases when they are clearly negligent, you are the only one responsible for damages. The only way that you would not be held liable for an accident in your company car is if the employee did not have permission to drive the car. Just saying that the employee didn’t have permission probably won’t be enough because the judge is going to want to know how the employee had access to the car. If, however, the employee is allowed access to the car to drive back and forth to work and for other work related tasks, but the employee decides to drive the car on vacation and has an accident, you more than likely would not be liable in that situation.

Depending on the state you live in, you are responsible for a driver’s actions if you let them drive your car. You don’t have to have any certain relationship with the person; you just have to give them permission to drive your car. Once you give them the keys, you are responsible for anything that happens due to their negligence. Also, in most states, if you give your child permission to drive your car, you are also held responsible for his or her actions.

These cases sound pretty open and shut, but they can get complicated. It is best to work with an Auto Accident Lawyer Tulsa to be sure that you know your rights and what you may be responsible for. If you are on the other side of the accident, the other driver who did not cause the accident, you need a lawyer to discuss your case with.

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