Automotive Body Shops Can Save The Day

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Arts & Automotive

You are driving along a scenic country road in your new car on a beautiful spring day. Without warning, disaster strikes when a deer runs in front of you. You swerve to avoid hitting it and luckily the deer makes it safely across the road. Your new car is not so lucky. The front end is now smashed against a large tree.

You park your shiny black truck at work. During the afternoon a severe thunderstorm strikes producing golf ball size hail and you discover the roof and hood of your truck is covered with tiny dents.

Whatever the circumstances you want the best possible care for your car. Who would you rather do the body work and repaint your car? Your brother-in-law’s cousin or a professional known for dependability and excellent workmanship?

If you live in the Lubbock, Texas area you can take your vehicle to a family owned and operated Body Shop that has been in business for four generations. Just because they have been around for a long time doesn’t mean this business hasn’t changed with the times. The shop has made improvements and now features state of the art equipment and the most recent technology.

Matching new paint with old is probably one of the most difficult tasks of body work, but these professionals use a computerized color matching system to assure a perfect match. Even if your vehicle only needs one door or fender painted, no one will be able to tell the difference between the original paint and the new. Anyone who has ever tried to paint a vehicle knows how frustrating it is to avoid runs. A perfect finish is guaranteed with their downdraft baking paint system. It allows the paint to dry consistently which results in a smooth finish.

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident it is very important to make certain there is no damage to the frame. This repair shop has their own frame and uni-body specialists who use a computerized frame laser scanner to determine if the frame has been damaged and what repairs need to be made.

In addition to their outstanding repair service, this shop also puts an emphasis on customer service. They offer free estimates, will assist with insurance paperwork, and rental cars are available for their customers.


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