Backed Up Sewer Lines, and What Horizon Services Inc. Suggests

Dealing with backed up sewer lines? If so, you’ve probably already spoken with a Plumber in Wilmington, DE, who has given you an educated guess as to what he (or she) thinks the problem is. You’ve probably also gotten a quote for the repair work, and are a little worried about spending that kind of money when the plumber isn’t 100% sure what the problem is. In situations like this, it’s a good idea to take a few hours to think things through, and if possible, get a second opinion.

According to Horizon Services Inc., backed up sewer lines can be caused by a variety of issues. These issues can range in severity, from simple clogs, to broken and/or collapsed lines. Obviously, the more sure your plumber is of the problem, the faster he or she can take care of that problem and get your lines up and running again. Many plumbers rely on their knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem, which in most cases, can be completely trusted. Even so, many homeowners feel more comfortable spending money on repairs when they can see for themselves what the problem is.

This is one reason why Horizon Services Inc. uses sewer cameras. With this type of equipment, a camera is snaked down your sewer line, so that the plumber can see exactly what the problem is, and where it is located. Using this information, the plumber can minimize damage done to lawns during the repair process, by only tearing up the area directly around the clogged and/or broken line. Knowing this information can also help the plumber save your trees, in cases where roots have grown into the sewer lines and broken them.

In most cases, snaking a line with a sewer camera doesn’t take more than 30 minutes or so, which gives you an exact answer to the problem in a very short amount of time. And when you know what the problem is (and can see it with your own eyes), it’s much easier to make a decision regarding repair work. So if you aren’t confidant in what your plumber has told you, take an extra hour and get a second opinion. Visit for more information.