Bail Bonding Services In Oberlin Louisiana Is There To Help You Get Out Of Jail

If you find that after having a nice dinner out with a glass or two of wine that you get pulled over and arrested, you will need a company that specializes in Bail Bonding in Oberlin Louisiana. These are the people that know how to get you out on bail so that you can get hold of an attorney to set up your defense. All you need to do is send a family member, or a friend, down to the bail bonding services in Oberlin Louisiana office to talk to one of their representatives. They will explain the process. They will tell you that you have to wait for a bail hearing, at which time your bail will be set. Once the amount of your bail is known, the bonding company can post an assurance bond, guaranteeing that you will show up for your court dates.
You will be expected to pay the bonding company a fee that is equal to between 5 and 10 percent of the bond amount. If you don’t have enough cash for the fee, the bonding company has a way that you can post property that you own as collateral . This can be anything from some jewelry that you own to your car or even you home if the bail bond and fee is that high. As long as you show up for your court date, your property is safe. It is only if you jump bail that you will lose what ever you put up as collateral.
The bonding company can be useful to you in more than just arranging to get you out on bail. If you were arrested for something more serious than a simple DUI, they may be able to point you to a lawyer’s office that works primarily on cases like yours. They could give you a couple of lawyers names and tell you which one they think has the best success rates in your kind of case. It will be your decision whether or not to take that advice, but it does help you to get started finding a lawyer that can help you. Visit the website at Fuselier Bail Bonding.

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