Bankruptcy Attorneys in Salt Lake City

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Law Services

Does bankruptcy frighten you? It didn’t frighten General Motors, Chrysler or Donald Trump and scores of other people and companies with more wealth than you likely have. Therefore, it should not frighten you either. In fact, you should view bankruptcy with the same spirit that the big companies do and the big shots do. You can have an attorney just as good as these guys had, and you will appear in a court that is structured the same way. The judge will treat you with respect and consideration for your circumstances.

Do you know how many people have been virtually destroyed by the Great Recession? The number is in the millions. However, not that many have filed for bankruptcy. Why? They are fearful of the process or the outcome or they do not want to face up to the problems they have through most likely no fault of their own. They are afraid of what the family will say or the neighbours, but there is no reason for them to find out.

The bankruptcy proceedings are not secret but they are not published in the news for all to take notice of. But so what, what if people you know do find out? They are just lucky that they were not caught in the snares of the unforgiving creditors. These are the same people that likely made more in interest to this point than the original debt. Even if they didn’t, the Federal law is very clear on this point; you can declare bankruptcy if you have no chance of paying your debts back within a reasonable amount of time.

The Federal law recognizes that debts caused by any number of bad breaks or bad decisions can take away your financial life and condemn you to the fate of merciless debt collectors who would extract payment by any means. However, once you retain the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Salt Lake City, they take over your entire financial world and every creditor and collector must deal with your attorney. This means your attorneys at Bankruptcy Attorneys in Salt Lake City are in complete control.


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