Basic Guidance on How to Obtain a Pawn Loan in Manhattan, NY

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Pawn shop loans can be fast and easy ways to get your hands on cold hard cash. However, they are not the most borrower-friendly financing products, which makes them only good for the short term, if circumstances allow. If you’re interested in obtaining a pawn loan in Manhattan, NY, then take a look at following points of guidance regarding the whole process.

Have Collateral

Pawn loans are easy to obtain, provided you have something of value to put up as collateral. And keep in mind, just because your camera is valued at $500 doesn’t mean the pawn shop will loan you that much. Expect your collateral items to be valued at far less than they are worth.

Have Proof of Ownership

If you don’t have proof that you’re the owner of that 55-inch flat screen you’re trying to use as collateral, then you may have a hard time getting a loan. Pawn shop owners need some sort of proof (ie receipt, bill of sale) that proves they are not loaning money out on stolen property.

Have a Plan

It seems obvious, but you should have a concrete plan when getting a pawn shop loan. The most important part of the plan is when and where you’ll get the money to pay off your loan. Without this part of the plan in place, you risk losing the item or items you put up for collateral.

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