Benefits in Seeing a Dentist Who Handles Whitening of Teeth through Cosmetics

Many people who are concerned with how their teeth look may be looking into the various types of options that are available to whiten their teeth. While there are many such treatment kits that one can buy over the counter often these products can produce less than satisfactory results. In addition, these kits can often use products that can damage the person’s teeth. Rather than take a risk with these items it can often be a better choice to visit a dentist Cary Il who specializes in dentistry involving cosmetics.

Most cosmetic dentists can offer a patient with stained or discolored teeth a couple of different types of treatments for this problem. One type of treatment is to have their teeth whitened by the dentist in his or her office. This treatment can be very effective. It can generally be done in a shorter period of time than other treatments. With this option, the dentist will either paint or use a specially designed tray to apply a professional strength whitening product to the patient’s teeth. They will then use a specially designed heat lamp or laser light to change the peroxide to oxygen molecules that can get into the pores of the teeth where they can attack and destroy the stain. When this occurs, it will allow more light to come through the tooth and this makes them look whiter and brighter as well. This process can be generally done in one or two visits to the dentist’s office, which can make it a great option for many patients.

For some patients it may be better for them to use a specially formulated whitening kit from a dentist who handles whitening teeth with cosmetics. This kit will include a custom fitted mouth guard so that the patient will be able to fill the mouth guard with the whitening product. This will need to be worn nightly for a few hours. This process can take a bit longer but it will produce wonderful results for the patients who carefully follow their dentist’s instructions.

Since both treatment options require seeing a dentist it is a good idea to make sure to select a dentist that one feels comfortable with and who offers high quality treatments at prices that are reasonable. A dentist, like those at Cary Dental Associates LLC, can often be a good option to consider.