Benefits of a Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Business

Because of its many advantages, plasma cutting is becoming an increasingly popular method of operation in various business sectors. To cut metal measuring up to six inches thick at extremely high temperatures, this cutting method uses a gas jet that is charged at very high speeds. There are many benefits to be gained by using a robotic plasma cutting machine.

Keep Things Cool

Plasma cutting robotic systems, such as the Hypertherm plasma cutting table, can keep the surface of materials cold, even though they operate at high temperatures. This keeps the paint and any other coatings from becoming warped or damaged.

Fast and Easy to Use

A robotic plasma cutting machine can cut at a rate of up to 500 inches per minute, which is five times quicker than the manual cutting speeds of standard torches. Robotic plasma cutters require only a little bit of training, contributing to their ease of usage.

The capabilities of robotic plasma cutting systems extend far beyond simple cutting. They can be utilized as gauges, allowing for the exact alignment of the material.

Safe and Economical

This style of cutting application uses a gas that is not very flammable, thus removing some of the safety risks associated with gas cutting techniques. Cutting with plasma is an efficient application with regard to cost; it is cheaper than cutting with a laser or a waterjet.

Wide-Range of Materials

Robotic systems to cut metal can create clean cuts in various metals and thicknesses. Nitrogen is utilized by these plasma cutters, which is what makes it possible for them to cut steel, aluminum, and several other metals.

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