Benefits of Using a Trailer Wash Service in York, PA

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Semi-trucks and trailers are constantly exposed to the elements, including a good deal of dirt, salt, and road grime. This can leave trailers looking less than their best in short order, yet many drivers and fleet managers fail to keep their vehicles on a consistent cleaning schedule. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons to consider heading to a trailer wash service in York PA to remove all that dirt and grime a worthwhile expense.

Protect the Paint

The paint used to paint semi-trailers isn’t just there for cosmetic reasons. It also prevents the corrosion of metal parts. Washing a semi-trailer periodically will help to protect its paint job, preventing rust and extending the trailer’s life.

Boost Brand Image

A company’s fleet vehicles represent its image and values to the public. Dirty, grimy trailers give the impression the company does not care about appearance and makes it less likely for potential customers or clients who see the trucks rolling down the road to take the brand seriously. Regular semi-trailer washes show that the company is committed to maintaining a clean and safe fleet for its drivers, offering a much better first impression.

Improve Driver Safety

Clean trucks reflect light better than grimy, dusty trailers. This improves their visibility on the road, making it easier for other drivers to see them and protecting the driver’s safety.

Avoid Unnecessary DOT Stops

There’s no avoiding weigh stations and DOT check-points, but dirty trucks and trailers are more likely to attract additional unwanted attention from DOT officials. The reason for this discrepancy is simple: a layer of grime coating a trailer makes it look like the driver does not care about vehicle upkeep.

Maintain Value

Most companies don’t use their trailers forever, upgrading periodically to keep up with changes in technology. Heading to a Trailer Wash Service in York PA will keep the truck looking better, helping it maintain its resale value.

The Bottom Line

Truck and trailer washes don’t represent an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, they often save drivers and fleet managers money by keeping equipment in better shape, avoiding unnecessary DOT stops, and maintaining trailers’ value for resale. Get more updates about truck and trailer maintenance online to learn more.