Benefits of Using Wood Stoves in Columbus OH

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When it comes to keeping warm during a cold Ohio winter, nothing beats gathering around the natural, radiant heat of a wood stove. While gas and electric heat are more common, wood burning stoves have many advantages. They can add warmth, comfort, and character to your living space. Custom Home and Hearth builds custom wood stoves for its clients that bring a number of benefits to their homes.

The fuel used for Wood Stoves in Columbus OH is cheaper than using electric heat or gas heat. Especially considering the rise in oil prices in recent years, propane gas is one of the most expensive fuels and electricity always has been and remains one of the most costly ways to heat the home. While a wood stove cannot necessarily replace gas or electricity depending on the size of your home, it is a great supplemental option. If you live on a property that allows you to chop your own wood to use for fuel, wood stoves become an even more economical option for you. Harvesting your own wood for fuel will make you more sustainable and less reliant on expensive fuel options.

Wood stoves are also good for the environment. They burn wood, which is a renewable energy source. This is a much better alternative to wasting electricity or gas to heat a large house. Burning wood is also much better than burning fossil fuels because it does not release harmful carbon dioxide into the air, the gas responsible for global warming.

Wood Stoves in Columbus OH also have a social benefit. For centuries people have been drawn to fire, gathering around it to tell stories, make music, have meals, and just be together. Today is no different. Fireplaces and wood stoves are often the focal point of homes for a reason, and that is that they draw people together. Particularly during the cold winter months, people like to gather around the warmth of a wood stove and be part of the general bonding experience that it creates. It often evokes pleasant thoughts and memories of childhood, nights by a camp fire, or other good experiences. Heat from gas or electricity just doesn’t have that same effect.