Benefits of Visiting an Office That Offers Experienced Family Dentistry in La Grange, KY for Dental Implants

Anyone who has lost teeth knows how much of an inconvenience and embarrassment this condition can often cause them. Many times a person with this condition will find a number of normal daily tasks, such as eating, smiling, speaking and laughing can be awkward or even painful. While most people are aware that an office that provides Experienced Family Dentistry in La Grange, KY can help in resolving these issues, they may be afraid of the type of treatments they may offer and what type of new issues the treatments can cause for them in the future.

Many times in the past, when a person was treated for issues resulting from tooth loss the treatment provided, such as dentures or bridges, could often cause pain and embarrassment for the patient as well. This is because dentures might be fitted incorrectly and this could cause them to not only slip and cause sores in the mouth, but also they could slip or fall out at inappropriate times. This could be very awkward and embarrassing for the wearer. Bridges did not generally fall out, but due to the way they connect to healthy teeth, over time they could cause the healthy teeth to become lose and even fall out. These situations to some patients could seem worse than their current issues.

Fortunately, today, most offices that offer Experienced Family Dentistry in La Grange KY can now provide dental implant treatments to their patients with lost teeth. Dental implants can offer many benefits that other treatments could not. Since a dental implant is designed to duplicate the way tooth and its root work in the mouth, implants can be more stable and feel much more natural as well.

The procedure for this type of treatment involves the dentist surgically placing a rod made of a bio compatible material, such as titanium, into the patient’s jawbone. This is left in place for a period of several months so that the rod and the jawbone can bond together through osseointegration. This provides a stable foundation to which a dentist can attach the appropriate types of dental appliances to replace the lost tooth or teeth. This can be in the form of crowns for single teeth, bridges or dentures for more. These are permanently affixed to the rod and in this way, they will not move or slip about in the mouth. This can be a great solution for many.
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