Benefits Your Car Can Gain From Paint Protection Film in Connecticut

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A paint protection film in Connecticut is a protective layer that is applied on certain areas of the car. This is basically a thermoplastic urethane layer that was originally used for military applications such as  use on helicopter roofs. The idea was to protect the rotors specifically from damage from sand particles. The use of this protective film then spread out to general aviation applications and racing before it found its way to the average vehicle owner. Many other devices today use Paint Protection Film (PPF) including mobile devices among others.

There are some great advantages of applying PPF to your vehicle. It offers better car maintenance as the urethane film helps keep the paint in great condition. Surfaces that are prone to weathering, bug damage, stone chips and abrasions are also well protected. This film is clear so the coat is almost invisible on the vehicle. The paint will be allowed to age naturally without the yellow color that is as a result of continuous sun exposure. You can also keep doing the same basic maintenance once the PPF has been applied including washing and waxing without any problems.

A protective film will usually be applied to an area of the car that is most vulnerable or what are called impact zones. Such areas include the grill, hood, fender, headlights covers, panels, rocker, side mirrors, luggage area, car doors, floodlights, rear bumper decks, A-pillars and the roof. If you do decide to get this protective layer installed, be sure to get a professional to do it specifically one who offers a warranty. Depending on the vendor, the warranty can be between two and five years.

When properly installed PPF doesn’t peel or yellow. Ultraviolet stabilizers on the film mean that the product itself is not prone to degradation and discoloration. Even when the protective layer is eventually removed, the paint job will retain its original look or rather it won’t appear two-toned. In addition to this, the clear product is not easy to see, meaning that you retain the general look of your car which you don’t get with alternatives such as plastic shields and leather car bras. You of course need to get an expert on the task to ensure that they do a good job. Tint Master in Connecticut are professionals in paint protection film in Connecticut and will offer you a great service.