Bring Color and Life to Your Kitchen with a Dayton Design Company

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Designing your kitchen should include the lighting in the room, storage, and the surfaces that are used for preparing foods and serving meals. Since this is a room that is often the hub of the family, consider looking at a few of the trending designs that can highlight your personality in your kitchen.


One kitchen design in Dayton, OH companies can perform is two-tone colors throughout the room. The colors used on the cabinets and countertops should contrast with the color of the floor. A popular trend with countertops is lighter colors than those that are used on the cabinets. Bright colors are often seen in kitchens as well, giving life to a room that is often seen as one that is the warmest in the home.


Whether you have a cozy kitchen or one that has a large island and dining table, consider the seating that is used as you want to make sure there is somewhere for everyone. Stools are common around islands, and benches are often seen in kitchens that have a country charm. Instead of traditional stools, consider getting seats that have a back on them as this design can provide comfort for your family and guests while enjoying a meal.


The lighting in your kitchen is a detail that you want to pay attention to when decorating. When working with companies that offer kitchen design in Dayton, OH consider the natural light that flows through the room. Pendant lights are an option to consider over an island with lights underneath the cabinets above countertops to make preparing meals a bit easier.

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