Building Your Oasis With Decks In Long Island NY

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Do you have a large outdoor space that consists of a swimming pool and nothing else except a lot of grassy area? Use your imagination and dream of how you would make this large open space into your summer oasis where you can enjoy entertaining with family and friends. Just think of all the fun your kids can have swimming in the pool while you are nearby, sitting back and soaking up the summer sun. To turn this part of your lawn into the entertaining area you have always wanted, you will need to contact a company that does Decks in Long Island NY.

A company like this will be able to take your ideas and make them a reality far beyond what you could dream of on your own. You could have a deck by the back door with built in seating around the outside rail, this will come in handy for times you are having large parties. Add a few flower boxes in the corners to put some color to the design. Just think of all the times you can sit out there, drinking your coffee in the morning watching the sun come up over the horizon.

The company you hire, like Libardi Island Landscaping, will be able to make your dream come true with an outdoor kitchen that can include a sink, built-in mini-fridge and large barbecue grill. This will allow you to have everything you need on hand while grilling during your summer parties. Add some chairs and tables with umbrellas to give your guests a break from the summer sun while they sit back and sip on the cool drink you have prepared for them at the built in bar. How about adding a water fountain in the corner with seating area around it, you can sit back, close your eyes and let the soothing sounds of the water carry away the tension you feel after a long week of work?

No matter what you decide to add to this wonderful outdoor space, turn it into a retreat area away from the everyday stress of life. The sky is the limit on ideas you can use to make this outdoor area the perfect spot for your summer relaxation time. Just contact the company that does Decks in Long Island NY and they will work hard to turn this area into the tropical oasis you crave.