Buses in York PA

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Moving around in some cities is easy due to the efficient public transportation system. Buses in York PA make it convenient for anyone to move around in the area. The city is serviced by the Rabbit Transit system, which operates 15 fixed routes throughout the city with connections to Hanover and Lancaster. Visitors to the city can easily take buses in York PA to get to places they want to visit. Alternately, they can also use a tour company such as Conestoga Tours to arrange a charter bus service. Using a charter bus company can be a very easy way to travel and explore locations since all you need to do is pay for your ticket and leave the rest to the tour company.

What to Do in York, PA

Depending on how long you plan to stay in any location, you can select a charter tour for that period such as full day or more than one day. For a city such as York with so many places of interest to visit, using a charter tour may be the best way to go. Major tourist attractions in the city that a tour operator can easily arrange transportation for include the Agricultural & Industrial Museum, the Fire Museum, Colonial Complex and the Murals of York.

The murals which depict businesses, people and customs of the city are painted on walls of buildings. These beautiful, artistic renderings are a source of fascination for both visitors and locals. They were done between 1996 and 2002.

The second Sunday in May, Mothers’ Day, is a busy time in this Pennsylvania city as this is when the Olde York Street Fair takes place. In recent years, this event has seen as many as 60,000 people enjoy the displays from art and craft vendors. As they move along Market and George Streets, they can also enjoy tasty treats from the many food vendors, or from the fine restaurants around the city.

The city also has an active nightlife with many clubs opening until the early hours of the morning. However you decide to explore historic York, you will find places to visit and things to do to keep you entertained.