Businesses Can Save Money by Using Occupational Health in Anderson OH

by | May 29, 2014 | Health

As a business owner, you can save a lot of time and money by using an urgent care clinic. These clinics specialize in occupational health care which covers workers’ injuries and precautionary care. Clinics are typically available with extended hours to meet emergency care needs.

The benefits of occupational medicine services are many:

* The management of the workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses.

* Workers’ compensation rehabilitation on-site.

* Physical exams which meet all government requirements.

* Drug screens for any purpose

* Most laboratory tests relevant to occupational health and general fitness.

* Digital x-ray services

* Screening for vision issues

* Flu shots can be given on site to your employees

Occupational Health in Anderson OH can provide a variety of pre- employment services to help a company select healthy employees for employment. Many people who file a job application often do not know their complete physical condition. Many people have not been able to afford medical care so they have no idea if they are a diabetic, have high blood pressure, kidney problems, or have an orthopedic problem which they may be aware of but may not know the seriousness of it. Helping these applicants understand their medical problems will make them better employees or will save a business from hiring someone who will develop problems when they begin working.

Occupational Health in Anderson OH provides services to help employers sort out applicants who cannot be hired for medical reasons. When someone is injured on the job, it is best to bring them an Occupational Health Care Clinic first unless there are obvious signs of a life-threatening condition. If the clinic staff can see the person first, their care can be coordinated, which will save workers comp costs. When the clinic staff gets the first look, they will know what the problem is or could be, and then their efforts can be directed toward taking the right action. Workers comp injuries can often be minimized by fast and dedicated attention to the problem. Occupational health is a priority because the costs of injuries can be devastating to a business. Eastside Urgent Care is one of the Occupational Health Clinics.

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